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Associated Coastal ENT Specialists provide high quality digital hearing aids for profound hearing loss or any of the four levels of hearing loss problems.

Types of Hearing Aids

Behind the Ear
Receiver in the Ear
Completely in the canal
In the Canal
In the Ear
Invisible Products

Hearing Aids

Once your hearing evaluation is completed, your audiologist will review the results of the exam with you.  If you have hearing loss, hearing devices may be recommended.

Your audiologist will review different hearing aid styles and technologies with you, and may recommend a listening experience with hearing devices.  In addition to hearing devices, you may be educated on other assistive devices.


Consequences of Hearing Loss

Many people are aware that their hearing has deteriorated but are reluctant to seek help. Perhaps they don’t want to acknowledge the problem, are embarrassed by what they see as a weakness, or believe that they can “get by” without using a hearing aid.  Unfortunately, too many wait years, even decades, to address the effects of hearing loss and to receive treatment.

Research demonstrates the considerable effects of hearing loss on development as well as the negative social, psychological, cognitive and health effects of untreated hearing loss. Each can have far-reaching implications that go well beyond hearing alone. In fact, those who have difficulty hearing can experience distorted and incomplete communication that seriously impacts their professional and personal lives.  This can lead to isolation and withdrawal.
Studies have linked untreated hearing loss effects to:

  • irritability, negativism and anger
  • fatigue, tension, stress and depression
  • avoidance or withdrawal from social situations
  • social rejection and loneliness
  • reduced alertness and increased risk to personal safety
  • impaired memory and ability to learn new tasks
  • reduced job performance and earning power
  • diminished psychological and overall health

Hearing loss is not just an ailment of old age. It can be present at any time and any age, even childhood.  In the pediatric population, even a mild or moderate case of hearing loss could lead to difficulty in learning, developing speech and building the important interpersonal skills necessary to foster self-esteem and succeed in school and life.

If you think you or a loved one suffers from hearing loss, don’t delay another day. Visit a hearing healthcare professional and take the first step toward a world of better hearing.

We provide professional hearing loss treatment options to meet your needs. Our audiologists are great with kids and we provide hearing tests for children - all ages. Please Contact our audiologists today to schedule an appointment and find which ones are the best hearing aids for kids and teens.